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Participant and Family Orientations :

In our headquarters we have a team of professionals: Home Services Managers; Case Managers and Customer Service Representatives who provide guidance to patients and family on avaible services in the community that they might be in need to receive.

Also, we try to be informed about the equipment and new technologies available for patient safety at home, such as:

  • Integrated Security Cameras – Mobile Phones
  •  Medical alert system and *911 calls
  • Medical equipment according to the patient’s condition
  • Alarm system and motion sensors

Legal Consultation:

In case of any doubt related to legal procedures, we have a legal advisor who will provide an opinion to be considered by the client and/or the families. Additional costs for this service will be responsibility of the client and/or the family and it will vary depending on each case.

Questionnaire: How to identify the need of home care services?

The decision making to request home care services should be supported by behavior changes in the elderly, besides the “natural changes” coming with age. To help with this process, please answer the following questions and submit them to us. A customer service representative will contact you to assist in this matter. Please, make sure you provide a phone number and email address.


Name (required)

Phone (required)



Is the prospect’s clothes dirty or with a bad smell?YesNo

Does the prospect change clothing regularly?YesNo

Any notable changes in the prospect’s mood?YesNo

Any notable changes in the prospect’s weight?YesNo

Any marks or Blemishes in the prospect’s skin?YesNo

Does the prospect get confused or have trouble remembering dates, time, events, names or persons?YesNo

Does the prospect finds dificult to remember names or persons?YesNo

Does the prospect have dificulty expressing what he/she wants or needs?YesNo

Is the prospect’s house messy or hoarded?YesNo

Does the prospect keeps expired meds or does not take meds properly?YesNo

Does the prospect’s house has a bad smell?YesNo

Has the prospect suffered frequent falls?YesNo

Has the prospect suffered a medical or emotional crisis?YesNo


  • If you are a senior who needs our services, please call us for a consultation on the available services and all possibilities we can offer to satisfy your needs.
  • If you need support to bring up the situation to your family, please, do it before your needs get bigger and out of control. Ask help to your primary doctor; a social worker or consult any Geriatric Assistance Program in your community. The Office of Pensioners and Seniors Affairs of Puerto Rico may assist you too; located at 1064 Ponce de Leon Ave, 3rdͩ. Floor, Santurce, Puerto Rico. Phone number: (787) 721-6121.



Many seniors are still driving around; sometimes for necessity or just as a habit. Vision, hearing, reflexes and alertness are four basic elements to drive properly, without risking his safety and others. If any of these elements are not functioning, caused by the aging process, illness or medicines consumption, please take action as soon as possible. Bringing up this matter could be very delicate and sensitive. We encourage to have friendly conversation in presence of other relatives that the senior may trust. This may be a difficult task but it is necessary to make him/her understand all the risks involved when driving is not safe. A suggested method to address this issue with evidence is to take a short ride with the senior. This way you may confirm his/her capabilities and you may have a good point of reference and indicator to request: ¨pass the key¨.



We include links, health; security and advocate government agencies, and community based organization that may be helpful.

Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency-PREMA

(787) 724-0124

American Heart Association of Puerto Rico

(787) 707-1149   in PR:

Puertorrican Alzheimer Association

(787) 727-4151

Puertorrican Association for the Blind

(787) 276-0030

Puertorrican Diabetes Association

(787) 729-2201     1-(800) 281-0617

Puertorrican Parkinson Association

(787) 768-5565

Puertorrican Kidney Foundation

(787) 282-6509

Puerto Rico Department of Family Affairs

(787) 625-4900

Puerto Rico Department of Housing

(787) 274-2525

Puerto Rico Department of Health

(787) 274-7676

United Funds of Puerto Rico

(787) 268-5353

Multiple Sclerosis Patients Association of Puerto Rico

(787) 723-2331

League Against Cancer of Puerto Rico

(787) 763-4149

Medicare CMS

(787) 771-3687

Social Security Adminstration

1 (800) 772-1213

Police Department of Puerto Rico

(787) 343-2020

Patient’s Advocate Office

San Juan …………………… (787) 977-0909

Caguas ……………………… (787) 703-3033

Naranjito ……………………(787) 869-4260

Sabana Grande …………. (787) 873-0753

Humacao ……………………(787) 285-5859

Elderly’s and Retierred Persons Advocate Office

(787) 725-2102       (787) 721-6121         1 (800) 981-1212

American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico

(787) 764-2295

Our Mission

To provide excellence and quality service, adapted to the needs of each individual, participant and their family.


Like Family Inc.